General Tree Care

Planting, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, high risk removals. We have the ability, experience and equipment to make any job a safe job. We take pride in our work. We at LashCo believe communication is a very basic building block of our business. What may be a concern to one client, may not be the same concern of the next. Each and every job has its own unique challenges. No property is the same, and expectations differ greatly. Its our job to explain our capabilities and the difficulties with each job, to keep you the client informed. This is where pricing from one company to the next may be vastly different. For example, here is a frequent scenario.

Scenario A

Mr. Smith would like a large cracked Oak Tree to be removed in his back yard. His lawn is well maintained, and there is a noticeable wet area in the rear of his property. There is limited access to the back yard. There is also a built in patio under the tree, most likely for family events and quiet evenings. The first “tree guy” shows up in a unkept and dirty vehicle. He is 15 minutes late, unshaven, and shabbily dressed. After several minutes of conversation, he writes a “cash price” for removal on the back of a business card and leaves the area. Three weeks later, a unkept crew arrives with old worn out equipment. Heavy trucks are driven on the lawn with no regard to rutting. Oil leaking from equipment leaves brown burn marks on the lawn. Cigarette butts are thrown without care. The tree comes down, “fast and heavy” leaving huge craters and stuck pieces of wood jutting out of the ground. Chainsaw gas and oil is spilled on the stone patio, leaving permanent stains. Two days later, all the wood and brush is gone. A cash price is paid, and the equipment is off to the next job. The stump is left eight inches high making mowing difficult. The lawn is a mess, there was little or no attempt at raking. It takes a entire season of work by Mr. Smith to repair the damage done. Six months later, a bogus injury claim is launched on Mr. Smiths Homeowners Insurance Policy. It states that a man was injured on his property while performing tree work. There was no insurance at the time the work was performed, including workers compensation. Mr. Smith is now responsible.

Scenario B

At 3:50 in the afternoon, a LashCo Tree Service representative arrives for a 4pm appointment with Mr. Smith. The truck is clean, the employee is neatly dressed and well spoken. After a survey of the work area, and a brief consultation, a the LashCo employee, a certified arborist, explains that the tree does not need to be removed at all. Infact, with proper cabling and pruning methods to reduce weight, the tree will be safe and continue to add years of shade, enjoyment and value to the property. A written estimate on a standardized form is completed. Written proof of insurance and workers compensation is provided upon request. On Wednesday, a week later, a clean, well kept truck arrives with three LashCo employees. Each man knows their job, and they know it well. No vehicles are driven on the lawn as there is no need. Hand climbing is a specialized art, for professional tree workers. Select limbs are removed and lowered gently to the ground with highly specialized ropes and rigging equipment. Limbs are cut up and hand carried to the road where they are processed by a chipper. High tensile steel cables are strategically placed in the canopy to repair the damage and allow the tree to heal. The lawn is meticulously raked clean and then blown with back pack blowers all the way to the road. Saw dust is removed from the street, the driveway is blown off, the “men working signs” are picked up and the crew is off to the next job if time allows. Mr. Smith will be enjoying a iced tea under his tree that same evening. There are no ruts, there is no fear of a insurance claim and best of all…the work performed by LashCo was less than the original “cash” price, simply because we have integrity, and a knowledge of trees.

Emergency 24-hour Service

We all know storms are not on a schedule, and when they hit, neither are we. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, vehicles or other trees. The weight of storm damaged trees is often severe, and they can be extremely dangerous to remove or trim. A certified arborist with the right equipment can safely perform the job in a manner to effectively mitigate any further damage from happening to your property. In situations like these, we understand it can be overwhelming. Were here to help. We work closely with insurance companies to help you get the emergency services you need. From removal of a tree off a structure, to installing tarps over roofs to direct billing. We have you in mind from the minute we arrive. A 24hr emergency contact number is 413-530-7982. We even have been known to rescue pets in the middle of the night.

Land Clearing Services

LashCo is equipped with some serious equipment for the larger jobs. Are you interested in clearing land for your new home, a septic system or maybe a pasture? We have the capability to clear land efficiently. Tree shears, whole tree chippers, excavators, grapple skidders and all terrain brush mowers. If the job requires it, we have the equipment to get it done! Call us regarding your land clearing needs. We can help.

Demolition and Excavation

Owning Heavy Equipment allows us to perform more then just tree work. We also are able to remove and properly dispose of old buildings and barns. We can excavate for driveway, septic and house lot sites. If you have questions, give us a call. Our professional team of operators are ready to work for you!

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